Maldives is known as one of the famous and liked holiday destinations. The tropical warm whether, the turkey blue and crystal clear warm ocean and the beauty of the resorts and hotels attract millions of people all over the world. From high to low class, from adventure to relaxing, from expensive to cheap. We will provide you the best offers for your desires.


Busy days at work and no time for the family? We will find the best location for the whole family to enjoy the time together and create some memorable moments in Maldives.


When you have kids or a busy job you barely get the chance to relax or to spend some romantic time with your loved one. We will find exactly what you are searching for… A small piece of paradise where you can just escape from your everyday life for a little while.


Who is not dreaming to get married barefoot on the beach white as snow, where the palm trees are moving, the sun greets you and the breeze of the Indian Ocean surrounds you. We call this place Maldives.


After the busy time of preparing one of the most special days of your life, you deserve a little time of privacy. Which place could be better to have a wonderful honeymoon than Maldives.


Deep down of the warm Maldivian sea you can to see Sharks, Turtles, Whales, Napoleons, Mantas and much more. If you can not wait to see this beautiful creatures then it is time to visit Maldives and explore the Indian Ocean. In case you are scared of deep diving you can enjoy and see almost everything while snorkelling.


As we know Maldives is form up on corals and reefs we have so many reef breaks such as Lohi’s, Jailbreaks, Riptides, Chickens, Cokes, Guru’s and much more. Chest height to over head soft wave to pipe. And in warm water just board short would be more than enough to stay in water whole day long just to surf.


For the beginners as well as for the pros, Maldives is one of the best destinations for kitesurfing in shallow or deep lagoons.


Which place could be better than Maldives to relax, enjoy the sun, just listen to the swoosh of the waves or get an intensive massage for your stiff muscles in your body.


Specially in your vacation you do not want to pay attention on your budget all the time. You just want to enjoy all the different and culinary food and drinks the Resorts are offering. With the all inclusive package there is no limit in food and beverages that you can just enjoy all of this.


With the budget trips you tell us your budget and we will make the suitable holiday package for you.


Local tourism is the new era in the tourism industry. It is specially for the back packers who would like to travel from island to island and to get to know the Maldivian culture as well as the traditional Maldivian food.